There are 3 simple steps

1 – Select Beats

Click on the black button next to the beat, and choose a license type (MP3, WAV, Trackout).

2 – Buy Beats

Click on the cart button on the top, and click Checkout. Enter your details and pay with Paypal.

3 – Download Beats

All beats will be instantly sent to the email address you entered (please check the spam box too).


Here is how you get the discount:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I receive the beats?
After payment, you will instantly receive a download link on the email address you entered during checkout. You can download the beats directly from there.
How do I get the 1 + 1 free discount?
Add two beats of the same license (MP3, WAV, or Trackout) to the cart, and the discount will automatically apply.
Can I upload to Spotify and Apple Music?
Yes, with every license, you have the right to upload to music stores like Spotify and Apple music. There are limits to the amount of audio streams for each license though. Check which type of license you get in the licenses tab on the beat store.
Will you remove the voice tag when I purchase the beat?
The loud tags will be removed. There will be one silent voice tag in the intro or outro of the beat, just like many other beats.
Do I have to pay something in the future?
That depends on your license and your streams. If you get more audio streams than your license allows, it means we discuss new license terms, and you can get a new license.
What are the advantages of beat leasing?
It is a good and easy way to buy high quality beats for a relatively low price (starting at $25). So you can start putting your music on streaming platforms, without paying a producer high fees for the beats.
What does non-exclusive mean?
It means that the producer keeps ownership of the beat, and is able to sell the beat to other people. If you buy a non-exclusive beat, you can release a song with it, but you do not own the beat. If you want to own the beat, please contact me for more information.
Can I buy an exclusive beat?
Yes, you can buy exclusive beats from me. Please contact me and tell me which beat you would like to purchase exclusively, and I will give you more information.
What happens if someone else buys an exclusive beat?
You will still be able to use the beat with the license you bought. However, you will not be able to buy the exclusive beat anymore.
Do you make custom beats?
Yes, I make custom beats, non-exclusive and exclusive. Custom beats are $100 for non-exclusive and $600 for exclusive. You can send me a reference track and I will make a beat that is similar, until you are satisfied. Please contact me if you are interested in custom beats.

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