In 2017, Dread Pitt started a collaboration with Music Production Academy in Rotterdam to teach music production in FL Studio. He teaches private lessons, tailored to every individual student’s needs, sharing the knowledge he has gained during more than 7 years of producing music. The topics of the lessons can go anywhere from Starting in FL Studio, to Professional Mixdown, to Releasing Music on Labels. Over time, Dread Pitt has had many satisfied students, and is continuing to teach what he loves: music.

“When I applied for my lessons at the Music Production Academy (MPA), I did not expect to sit next to the very talented DJ/Producer Tim Alkemade AKA Dread Pitt. Tim really helped me to dive deeper into the background of producing music such as mixing and mastering tracks. I finally managed to finish a project.”
Ruben Verhagen
“After struggling with FL Studio for  a couple of years, I decided to take lessons at MPA. During these lessons I learned all important theory  and how to apply this to a track. The result was surprising and I did never expect to be able to produce such a professional sounding track.”
– Ruben Weerheim
“The lessons at MPA made me realize there’s a lot more to producing music than I initially thought. I have been shown techniques that I never even knew existed.”
– Merlijn Hoek van Dijke

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