Using the knowledge I have gained in 9 years of producing music, I have mentored over 50 students across all levels and genres.

My mentorship includes topics such as:

  • Creating a good track: Sound design, workflow, arrangement
  • Mixing & Mastering: Volume balance, EQ, Compression, Saturation, etc.
  • Releasing: Making a release plan, record labels, branding, promotion.
  • Music Business: Ways to get an income with your music.

My mentorship can be adjusted to your level and interests. Whether you want to get a more professional sounding track, want music business and branding advice, or in-depth feedback on your tracks, I am able to customize my lessons to your situation. I am comfortable with all DAW’s and genres.

The sessions are done through the free Zoom software, which works great for sharing audio and video.

Applying theory directly to a student’s project

Interested in a custom mentorship program?

Mentorship starts at $130 per session

Apply in the Google form below and tell me about your situation.

We can then schedule a free introduction call, and go from there.