Using the knowledge I gained in 10 years of producing music, I developed the Dread Pitt Mentorship Program.

Do you want to get more info on Mentorship or get feedback on your track in a Feedback Session?

Go to my dedicated Mentorship website to learn more.

The Dread Pitt Mentorship Program is developed to help producers level up their sound and career

Meet with me one-on-one weekly to discuss all the topics you want to learn about.


During the Mentorship Program, you will learn how to:

  • Make interesting songs with good songwriting, music theory, arrangement, and more.
  • Mix & master your track professionally with EQ, compression, reverb, vocals, and more.
  • Navigate the music business with record labels, publishers, independent releasing, sync licensing, and more.
  • Develop a focused mindset, with time management, goals, mental health, and more.

Learn more about the Mentorship Program here:

Or you can do the whole Mentorship Program online at your own pace in the Online Course

Learn how to make interesting songs, mix & master them professionally, navigate the music business, and develop a healthy, focused mindset.

The Online Course includes 200+ pages and 4+ hours of video with in-depth info and examples of all the important topics.

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Or join a Feedback Session and get in-depth feedback on your track

Connect with a small group of producers and get personalized feedback from the mentor.

The first feedback session is completely free to join.

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I hope to see you soon in the Mentorship, Online Course, or Feedback Session!